chatb-2b.jpg (21923 bytes)Ericsson unveils brand new communications tool - the Chatboard™

A completely new communications tool is born. At a spectacular event in Hong Kong today, Ericsson together with MTV VJ Sonia Couling, unveiled the Chatboard™ and an Internet community website to go with it. The Chatboard™ is a snap-on keyboard, which together with a mobile phone makes rapid messaging over SMS and e-mail possible, as well as editing a personal site on the Internet. This innovative tool is the first product of its kind on the market.

For those who are tired of extensive typing when sending messages from a mobile phone, salvation is here. On a small, metallic-coloured board, a 49 key keyboard and special function keys for SMS, e-mail, WWW, attachments and phonebook will help extending a phone's possibilities to communicate with text and pictures. The Chatboard™ is small in both size and prize. And it is remarkably easy to use. Just open the translucent blue plastic carrying case, attach the Chatboard™ to the phone, press the SMS or e-mail button and start typing. And if one wants to add an attachment to the e-mail, sound, picture or a document, just press the attachment-button and choose from what you have put on your personal homepage in the Chatboard™ Community Internet website. When purchasing the Chatboard™, access to the Chatboard™ website and a personal e-mail address is included.

"We have listened to the young mobile people and the trends they are following," says Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. "Generation Y have already adopted SMS messaging as an essential way to communicate and are the fastest growing users of text messages. These people have grown up with Internet and chatting. Now we are breaching Internet chat with mobile telephony chat," says Jan Ahrenbring.

The Chatboard™ will be available starting the first week of October, in selected markets, for less than the price of two music CDs. The Chatboard™ community site will go on air on September 30th , on

Accessories for mobile phones have until now been chargers and the occasional portable handsfree. With the Chatboard™, Ericsson sets a new trend, where the accessory itself is a groovy gadget, which transforms the mobile phone into a messaging device which can send SMS and e-mails, even with attachments. The Chatboard™ is Compatible with the following existing Ericsson mobile phones: GF 788e, S 868, SH 888, I 888 WORLD, A1018s/sc, R250s, T10s/sc, and T18s/sc.

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