FusionOne Joins WAP Forum - Demonstrates Support at PCS '99

New Service Showcases the Ability to Access Personal Information from any WAP Device

New Orleans, LA - September 21, 1999 - FusionOne, a pioneer in the development of next-generation Internet sync technology, today reinforced its commitment to wireless connectivity by joining the WAP Forum, the industry association behind the de-facto world standard for wireless information and telephony services. As a member of the Forum, FusionOne will enable users to access all of their personal digital information from any WAP-enabled device. FusionOne will be showcasing its WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) support in the Nokia booth (#4644) at PCS '99 in New Orleans taking place this week.

At PCS, FusionOne will demonstrate its WAP support on the Nokia 7190 mobile phone. Through the Nokia WAP browser, users will be able to view and access all of their personal digital information - contacts, calendar appointments, even files - synced to FusionOne's personal information portal, eDock.com. Not only is the information viewable, it is also manageable. Users can instantly transfer names and numbers from eDock directly into the WAP phone for instant dialing access, as well as remotely specify files to be automatically and instantly faxed or emailed from their PC - all through the power of FusionOne's Internet Sync and WAP.

FusionOne Demonstrates WAP Support at PCS '99

"FusionOne's Internet Sync is paving the way for advanced mobile information access by enabling users to enter information just once in any device with confidence that it will automatically be updated in all their other devices, including mobile phones," said Rick Onyon, president and CEO of FusionOne. "By extending our service to WAP-enabled devices, we further underscore our commitment to connecting people with their information - anytime, anywhere."

FusionOne's WAP functionality will be available with the release of the FusionOne free Internet Sync service in Q4 of this year. This new service, initially developed specifically for Nokia in partnership with the company, will support all WAP-enabled devices.

About Internet SyncÔ FusionOne's Internet Sync is a simple and seamless way for users to keep their personal digital content up-to-date and "in sync" across their computing and communications devices. Leveraging its unique transaction-based model and the power of the Internet, FusionOne synchronizes and distributes information easily and efficiently, without the need for any contact between devices. With FusionOne, users update files and contacts on their office PC with assurance that their information will automatically be updated in their cell phone, home PC and Palm Pilot. Additionally, files stored on the office computer are easily accessed from any Web-enabled device, regardless of platform and operating system.

FusionOne Demonstrates Wireless Phone Syncing at PCS '99

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