Geoworks Launches Mobile Attitude Following Successful Introduction of First Mobile Commerce Service

Geoworks Corporation (NASDAQ: GWRX), a leading provider of mobile media and commerce services for the consumer market, today unveiled its mobile media strategy with the launch of Mobile Attitude, the brand under which Geoworks is producing a suite of mobile services designed for the unique nature of the emerging mobile communications medium.

Geoworks will offer six mobile media channels through Two mobile services, an advertising-based discount and promotion service and a personal productivity service offering customized reminders, are already available. In the coming months, Geoworks will launch four additional mobile service channels, including actionable and general information services, community-based services and entertainment services.

Geoworks' patented server technology ensures that the Mobile Attitude suite of services will be compatible with today's digital mobile devices as well as with future devices with enhanced WAP, SMS and GSM capabilities.

Understanding the Attitude of the Mobile Consumer

"The growing universe of digital communication devices constitutes an entirely new medium of communication with the power to reach the nearly 30 million mobile consumers with text-enabled cell phones or pagers," said Dave Grannan, president and CEO of Geoworks. "Mobile Attitude, the first effort at producing content that adds value and functionality to digital mobile devices, is the only service that is designed for the way mobile consumers manage information and the way businesses want to reach them."

Geoworks initiated its mobile commerce and content strategy in June with, an advertising-supported, free service that allows consumers to receive discounts and promotions from their favorite retailers directly to their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. During the first month of service, the discounts and promotions offered through this service secured an overall 8.2 percent redemption rate, significantly higher than average take rates from other forms of direct permission marketing. This initial success spurred Geoworks to expand its mobile services offering and introduce Mobile Attitude as the premier producer of media for mobile devices.

The company also announced today the availability of a new Mobile Attitude personal productivity service that will enable consumers with digital mobile devices to receive personalized reminders about important events and appointments direct to their cell phones or pagers right when they need the information most. Consumers can sign up for both the retail promotion service and the new mobile reminder service on the Mobile Attitude Web site at

Reminders On the Go

At, consumers with text-enabled digital cell phones or alphanumeric pagers can enter reminders about family birthdays, dinner engagements, business meetings and other events they might forget in the midst of a busy day. Once a reminder is entered, the text message appears on the user's cell phone or pager on the day and time specified at the Web site. The users can easily change their personal profiles or add and delete reminders as necessary at

Valuable Shopping Deals

When users visit, they can also sign up for other Mobile Attitude services. Currently, users can sign up to receive valuable discounts and promotions from the retailers they already patronize, including Virgin Megastores, J. Crew, T.G.I. Friday's and Roundtable Pizza, direct to their mobile devices. To begin receiving discounts and promotions on their cell phones or pagers, users simply select the retail categories that interest them and the times that are most convenient to receive Mobile Attitude messages.

Already available at, these two services enhance the productivity and connectivity users can expect from their mobile devices.

In the coming months, Geoworks will continue to add additional Mobile Attitude services to suit the lifestyles of busy mobile consumers.

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