Industry leaders team up to drive the adoption of standards for next-generation high speed wireless connectivity

World leaders in communications and technology - Bosch, Dell, Ericsson, Nokia, Telia and Texas Instruments - have joined to form a consortium to promote the HiperLAN2 standard worldwide and to ensure the completion of the standard. HiperLAN2 is a technical specification that will provide high-speed connectivity for next generation mobile communications in corporate, public and home environments.

HiperLAN2 Global Forum is fully committed to drive the adoption of HiperLAN2 as the global broadband wireless technology in the 5 GHz band. It will bring seamless connectivity between communication devices and networks including third generation (3G) cellular systems and will provide mobility, flexibility and Quality of Service for future multimedia and real time video applications.

The consortium (which represents major suppliers of wireless LAN's, terminals and semiconductors) is working closely with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute Project BRAN (Broadband Radio Access Networks) which is developing the standard.

"HiperLAN2 marks a significant milestone in the interoperability of high-speed wireless LANs and therefore we would like to encourage other companies in the industry to join the consortium", says Martin Johnsson, Chairman of the HiperLAN2 Global Forum. "The consortium supports the plans to establish HiperLAN2 as the global standard of choice for the wireless LAN industry. With the completion of the standard we will see a major shift in the development of mobile technologies. Together with the massive growth in mobile communications and the emergence of multimedia applications, the completion of HiperLAN2 standard will enable the success of wireless LANs on a global basis."

The customers of HiperLAN2 compliant products can be confident about the safety of their investment. In addition to being compatible, these products will be quick to install and have high performance. HiperLAN2 will provide the means for broadband wireless technology on a scale that is comparable to performance of wired LANs.

ETSI BRAN Chairman Jamshid Khun Jush comments: "The BRAN community is pleased to see that the major players from the communications industry are actively involved in accelerating the adoption of the HiperLAN2 standard and is very happy to co-operate with the forum. We believe that the activities of the HiperLAN2 Global Forum will increase the chances of HiperLAN2 becoming a global broadband wireless technology in 5GHz band and it will dramatically improve the opportunities for the industry to advance into new generations of broadband wireless technology."

It is also worth noting that the 5 GHz band to be exploited by HiperLAN2 compliant products will be allocated to wireless LANs worldwide. The band will have a large capacity, which in turn makes HiperLAN2 an essential standard for wireless broadband networking. Another important advantage of HiperLAN2 is its unique features, for example a high security level, extensive mobility support and equipment interoperability.

Completion of the HiperLAN2 standard is expected by the end of the 1999. The first products supporting the standard will be commercially available in 2001, with the majority on the market early 2002.

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