Infinite Interchange To Bring Wireless E-Mail to Corporations

-Allows Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) access to existing mailboxes -

Infinite Technologies, Inc. today announced a wireless e-mail solution for corporate customers. Infinite InterChange, a popular Internet e-mail solution, is now the most powerful e-mail solution available for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) compatible mobile phones and devices. Infinite Technologies is the first company to offer WAP support in a commercial e-mail product.

Infinite InterChange will allow users to access the same mailbox from their wireless phone as they do via the wired Internet. "The last thing most users need is another mailbox", says Allan Carter, Vice President of Marketing for Infinite Technologies, Inc. "Infinite InterChange allows seamless integration with the corporation's existing e-mail system, so users don't have to be concerned with forwarding messages from one box to another."

Infinite InterChange has been licensed for over 20 million mailboxes worldwide. Infinite InterChange powers the remote e-mail service for radio station KAYD in Beaumont, Texas. "Infinite's product is an obvious advantage to our station and our listeners", said Chrissie Roberts, Web Director for KAYD. "They customized the system to make it look as though it is right from our Web site. We chose Infinite because of the service and attention to detail that they provide."

"Infinite Technologies' solution is fast and secure, which makes it stand out from the rest", said Christian Dysthe of Opera Software ( who runs OperaMail. "We even get mail from our users telling us how much better our e-mail service is than others."

Infinite InterChange is a server-based application that integrates seamlessly with any IMAP4 (Internet Messaging Access Protocol Version 4), POP (Post Office Protocol Version 3), SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol), Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, or Connect2 based e-mail system, or a mixed environment containing multiple protocols. Infinite InterChange also integrates with the underlying directory systems of these e-mail systems, including LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Remote wireless users connect through a WAP gateway to the InterChange server for direct access to their underlying mailbox, eliminating the synchronization problems and security risks inherent with other solutions that use a separate wireless mailbox. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols ensure secure access.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open global standard for communication between a mobile handset and the Internet or other computer applications, defined by the WAP forum ( WAP-based technology enables the design of advanced, interactive and real-time mobile services, such as mobile banking or Internet based news services, which can be used in digital mobile phones or other mobile devices. The WAP specification enables solutions from various suppliers to work consistently for end-users on the digital networks.

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