Intelligent Information Incorporated Cuts the Wires to Deliver Internet Email to Consumers Anytime, Anywhere on their Wireless Devices

Intelligent Information Incorporated (III), a leading provider of wireless content and commerce services, today announced that it has deployed its new Internet Email Gateway, which enables wireless customers to receive Internet email as text messages on their digital phones and alphanumeric pagers.

III’s Internet Email Gateway connects wireless users with personal email messages when they’re on the go. Users of the service can receive Internet email messages when addressed to their phone number or pager number at their wireless service provider’s domain (for example ""). An online messaging component is also included in III’s Internet Email Gateway allowing wireless service providers to offer Web-to-phone messaging from their World Wide Web sites. Additionally, users are protected from receiving unsolicited ‘spam’ messages on their wireless devices by a unique message filtering system. III’s Internet Email Gateway is available for use by wireless service providers immediately and supports all major wireless air interfaces including CDMA, TDMA, GSM as well as alphanumeric paging.

MTT Mobility has deployed III’s email gateway as part of its InforMeTM Messaging service, along with III’s personalized information services. "III’s email gateway helps MTT Mobility lead the way in the practical application of converging technologies," said Brian Fitzpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing. "We are combining wireless communications with email, the Internet, and customized information to provide cutting edge services to our customers."

"Email is clearly the ‘killer app’ on the Internet. III’s Internet Email Gateway extends the reach of this killer app into the anytime, anywhere world of wireless," said Stephen Maloney, President of III. "This service adds a powerful, personal component to III’s suite of news, content and commerce services."

Intelligent Information Incorporated (III) has created more than 20 interactive wireless portals for major North American wireless carriers and new media organizations. Founded in 1991, III is the leading provider of personalized information and consumer e-commerce services to mobile phones, pagers and palmtops. Customizable text and voice-based services, including news, sports, weather, traffic, and stock quotes, help wireless carriers increase revenue and reduce churn. III's services for Web sites extend the sites' presence beyond the time a user spends online and provide a higher level of "stickiness."

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