LG Telecom’s “Internet 019” Brings the World of Wireless Internet to its 2.8M Subscriber Base REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (September 14, 1999) Phone.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHCM) and Korea's LG Telecom today announced that LG Telecom has commenced a launch of wireless Internet access services to a select base of its subscribers using the Phone.com™ UP.Link™ Server Suite within its nationwide state-of-the-art CDMA wireless network in South Korea. LG Telecom commences this wireless Internet service after licensing the UP.Link Server Suite from Phone.com in April of 1999.

The LG Telecom wireless Internet service, branded as "Computerless Internet 019", strengthens the Phone.com global footprint and offers LG subscribers a wide range of content and services designed to accelerate information flow, elevate user productivity and enhance user mobile experience through an impressive portfolio of content, services and applications such as PIM and Email, both supplied by Phone.com.

"Through partnership with leading Korean providers, LG Telecom has constructed and amassed an impressive portfolio of content and services for use by its subscribers," said Mr. DK Lee, wireless Internet team leader at LG Telecom. "Phone.com's powerful platform localized for the Korean market gave us the freedom we needed to prepare a compelling market introduction."

Computerless Internet 019 portfolio channels include news, finance, e-commerce, communication, personal productivity, entertainment and travel. News and information are provided by leading newspapers such as Choong Ang Daily, Chosun Daily, and Sports Today. The financial channel includes portfolio management and real-time equity trading enabled by LG Securities. Powerful integrated banking services are under development from Dacom. The communication channel enhances voice telephony by adding email and leveraging Phone.com's powerful Push technology. Similarly productivity services are enabled through Phone.com's versatile PIM and UP.Web applications. Other channels within Computerless Internet 019 portfolio showcase Internet auctions, tele-voting, ticket reservation through Korean Airlines, job ads, games, event reservation and automated customer care.

"We selected Phone.com because of their technical leadership, significant time-to-market advantage, global deployment track record, and Silicon Valley innovation," said Mr. Yong Nam, president and chief executive officer of LG Telecom. "Phone.com's technology solutions have enabled us to quickly develop and deliver Computerless Internet 019 to our diverse Subscribers."

"Convergence of Internet and wireless communication in Korea-and the rest of the world, has begun to change the way people communicate, work and play as well as offer new commercial opportunities," said Tony Miranzadeh, vice president of Asia Pacific and Latin America sales for Phone.com. "LG Telecom's decision to rapidly deploy Phone.com's wireless Internet enabling technology is a fundamental move toward realizing the 3G vision of wireless communication in Korea."

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