Nokia introduces a concept for wireless application development

Nokia introduces a concept release of an open services and application development framework for mobile Internet at Telecomī99, Geneva. Initially for WAP compatible environments, this framework will offer an interface to third party applications, such as e-mail, corporate, and ISP applications. Tightly integrated with other Nokia wireless data products, the prototype complements the WAP-enabled Nokia Artus Messaging Platform for GSM and TDMA recently announced at PCS 99 in New Orleans.

Nokia recognizes the demand from mobile operators for a content-provisioning and a portal-deployment server for WAP terminals, that is both extendible and flexible. Such a server should allow connectivity with legacy corporate applications and databases, as well as backward compatibility with existing standards.

"Nokia believes in the potential of the mobile Internet. The purpose of this open application development framework concept is to open up the mobile Internet to existing Internet applications, moving us closer towards Nokia's vision of the Mobile Information Society", says Pekka Salonoja, Vice President, Wireless Data Server Systems, Nokia Networks.

The concept will initially provide operators with the ability to offer subscribers a personal portal interface. The portal allows the operator to easily integrate and offer new and exciting value-added services. The user can then create their own personal portal. This provides the operator with a solution that optimizes the use of their existing network and protects the investment as newer network technologies (GPRS, EDGE & 3G) become available. Operators can control their own portals and interoperability thanks to the open standards of the Internet.

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