Nokia strengthens IP Mobility portfolio Mobile professionals to gain high rate connectivity without cables

Nokia today presents a first look at their extended wireless Local Area Network portfolio, which provides high rate wireless connectivity for mobile professionals. Nokia's wireless LAN solution is a key component of Nokia's IP Mobility strategy, and enables users to be more productive while they are on the move.

The solution leverages Nokia's core competence in mobility, and offers users easy and reliable wireless access to networked resources, as if they were at their desk. Moreover, Nokia enables network operators and Internet service providers to create public access zones in places such as airports, hotels, campuses and convention centers. The solutions are also suitable for corporate networking, small or remote offices, education, and health care environments.

The Nokia high rate wireless LAN solution is comprised of Nokia's wireless LAN access points, Nokia's wireless LAN cards, and sophisticated software and utilities to make installation, use and management a seamless extension to a wired network. The products use the license-free 2.4 GHz frequency band and utilise direct sequence radio technology. They are built according to the latest IEEE 802.11b specification for wireless LANs. As a founding member of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), Nokia will ensure the high rate PC Cards and access points are interoperable with products from other leading wireless LAN vendors.

Nokia's high rate wireless LAN solution provides connections of up to 11 Mbps. It thus supports bandwidth-intensive Internet and business applications, including transactional processing and large file transfers.

"Nokia will continue to play a leading role in enabling the mobile information society through its commitment to standards together with its proven ability to deliver highly innovative wireless solutions", said Vesa Walldén, Vice President of Marketing at Nokia Internet Communications. "With the Nokia solution, Internet service providers and network operators can offer tailored and location-based wireless LAN services for mobile professionals in enabled access areas. People can reliably communicate and securely obtain the information most important to them, such as e-mail, corporate data, and the Internet."

Nokia's new high rate wireless LAN solution will be available in the first quarter of 2000.

Nokia's Mobile Information Society vision will be on show at Telecom '99 in Geneva, Switzerland during 10-17 October 1999. The attendees will, for example, experience a future wireless network for frequent flyers. When simultaneously using a smart card with a laptop and Nokia's wireless LAN at the airport, travelers may have access to customised services including flight schedule information, flight ticket booking, tax-free shopping, and car rental.

Nokia is paving the way to the mobile information society with its innovative products and solutions. Nokia is the leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks including related services. It also supplies multimedia terminals and computer displays. In 1998, net sales totaled EUR 13.3 billion (USD 15.7 billion). Headquartered in Finland, Nokia is listed on the New York (NOK), Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges and employs more than 51 000 people.

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