Philips to Introduce Web-Enabled Mobile Phones Using's UP.Browser

Philips Mobile Phones with WAP Microbrowser to Combine the Power of Internet Connectivity and Wireless Telephony, Inc. (NASDAQ:PHCM) and Philips today announced that Philips Consumer Communications (PCC) has concluded an agreement with under which it has licensed the™ UP.Browser™ microbrowser software for use on its GSM mobile phones. The microbrowser software turns a mobile phone into an Internet companion, bringing valuable web functionality such as Email, Internet and corporate Intranet information to the screen of a mobile phone. This functionality is based on the broadly accepted Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) which allows subscribers to access a wide range of web-based information and services offered by network operators and third-party service providers. Philips expects the UP.Browser-enabled phones to be available in 2000.

The UP.Browser software is optimized for the mobile phone's specific display and input characteristics, such as graphical displays and programmable soft keys. In combination with the phone's existing user interface software, it gives network operators a way to reach subscribers and add innovative services, with seamless integration of voice and data services.

The introduction of web capabilities to Philips mobile phones with UP.Browser software represents a significant step forward in Philips' strategy of giving users convenient mobile access to advanced communication functions. Philips mobile phones already give users easy access to GSM network facilities with functions like Voice Dial and Voice Command, as well as the ability to send SMS emotion icons. Now they will do the same for on-the-move information access by making a wide range of Internet-based services available to users through their mobile phones.

"This extension in the functionality of our mobile phones is in line with Philips' strategy of integrating innovative web-based functions in a wide range of products right across our consumer and professional portfolio", said Harry Strasser, chief officer business strategy of Philips Consumer Communications. "The ability to access web-based information and communication from the mobile phone is an exciting enhancement that will bring even more convenience and on-the-move functionality to business users and consumers alike. With these new capabilities, our web-enabled mobile phones will prove to be even more powerful and versatile communication tools for users who want to keep in touch with all kinds of information services wherever they may be, without the need to use any additional products."

" is pleased to be working with Philips, with its worldwide reputation for innovative communication and connectivity products," said Ben Linder, vice-president of marketing for "It's very exciting to see leading handset manufacturers implement our WAP compliant software for additional features that can enhance the end-user experience while providing innovative capabilities that satisfy network operator requirements".

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