QUALCOMM's pdQsuite Applications Now Available

The pdQ Internet Applications Package Provides On-the-Go Professionals with an Advanced Suite of Productivity Tools

QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced the availability of the pdQsuite(tm) package of advanced Internet applications designed for use with all Palm Computing(r) platform-based devices. The pdQsuite package includes the pdQbrowser(tm) application, an Internet-standard web browser, the Eudora(r) for the Palm Computing(r) Platform application, an advanced e-mail program and the conduit for the pdQsuite Eudora application, which allows users to synchronize their desktop e-mail with the new pdQsuite Eudora application. The pdQsuite package is available in a free 30-day trial version, after which it can be purchased for an introductory price of $44.95 from QUALCOMM at <http://www.pdqsuite.com>. Previously available only with the pdQ(tm) smartphone, the pdQsuite is now available to users of all other Palm Computing platform devices.

“With the pdQsuite applications, the Internet and other information can be directly accessed using exactly the same protocols that have fueled the tremendous growth of the Internet,” said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, president of QUALCOMM Consumer Products. “The pdQsuite package offers Palm users a sophisticated, fast and efficient group of applications that supports complete e-mail control and wireless Internet browsing.”


A text-based browser that can retrieve and view almost any standard HTML web page, the pdQbrowser application supports in-line hypertext links and HTTP retrieval as well as advanced features such as a user-configurable cache, bookmarks, cookies, form fields and buttons. It can work with almost any Internet service provider as is, or can be easily configured to work with a proxy for corporate users.

Eudora for the Palm Computing Platform

QUALCOMM’s new pdQsuite Eudora e-mail application allows users to receive, read, compose, send and manage e-mail on any Palm Computing platform device. The application also offers advanced sorting, filtering, filing, download control, reply and address book lookup features. The new application supports various Internet protocols including POP3 and SMTP as well as HTML message display.

pdQsuite Eudora Conduit

A Windows(r) 95/98/NT application that allows users to synchronize their desktop e-mail with the new pdQsuite Eudora application, the conduit works with all MAPI-compliant desktop e-mail programs. The conduit offers users the ability to easily manage the number and size of synchronized messages.

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