Sonera SmartTrust and SSH Communications Security launch co-operation in mobile and internet convergence

Sonera SmartTrust, the leading provider of mobile Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based security solutions, and SSH Communications Security, the leading supplier of Internet Protocol security (IPsec) software, today announced co-operation to drive improved security technology solutions for companies operating in both wireless and Internet networks. The long term co-operation will serve companies who are planning and building advanced, secure e-commerce systems to be offered for service providers in Mobile and Internet networks.

"Sonera SmartTrust has developed leading-edge wireless security solutions, which are based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This enables the use of digital signatures and 1024-bit RSA data encryption, which also positions the company for the significant growth of wireless commerce. Sonera´s objective is to provide potential partners and customers with complete solution that enables secure communication not just between mobile phones and service providers but also over The Internet. As IPsec technology can be seen as a key technology to build secure connections over The Internet, and SSH having a strong position in this technology, SSH was a clear choice for us to start working with", says Vice President Mr Jarmo Miettinen of Sonera SmartTrust.

"Co-operation follows the lines of our multi-access provider strategy. We believe that our customers are willing to offer services for consumers regardless the time or place on variety of platforms and devices. Together with SSH we will leverage The Internet and innovative wireless devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and digital television, thereby bringing our customers around the world added security, control and new business opportunities", added Miettinen.

Analysts predict explosive growth for the mobile device market in the next few years, with most predicting 1 billion mobile phones in use within the next three four years. According to Gartner Group, mobile phones are expected to be the most common client device world wide by 2005. In July, Ovum reported that smart phones and data-centric terminals will account for as much as two thirds of the estimated $67 billion handset market in 2004. These devices, merging voice and data capabilities in an accessible and easy-to-use handset, provide the ideal platform for delivering high-value wireless services for mass consumer use.

"Secure network services will become vital for mobile users in the future. Sonera's SmartTrust technology leads the way in bringing secure digital signatures into wireless networks, whereas SSH's technology secures the Internet. Together, these technologies offer seamless integration of Internet and wireless solutions in the future," says President and CEO Tatu Ylönen of SSH Communications Security.

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