SPEEDIA: A Universal Information Delivery Service for Consumer Devices

SPEEDIA, LLC today announced a broad communications initiative to enable the delivery of Internet information, news and messaging services for mobile and fixed communications devices.

SPEEDIA will send subscriber requested information (such as stock quotes and portfolio, news, weather, e-mail, etc.) to their choice of existing communication devices. Therefore, customers of existing international wireless phone companies, including Bell Atlantic Mobile, Nextel Communications, Sprint PCS, AirTouch Communications, AT&T Wireless Services, Bell Mobility (Canada), BellSouth, GTE Wireless, US West Wireless, Leap Wireless International, Vodaphone International, Omnipoint Communications, Voicestream Wireless and Omnitel can sign up for the SPEEDIA service immediately without the need to purchase any new hardware devices.

SPEEDIA plans support for a wide range of communication devices, including: wireless Palm Pilots, WAP browser-equipped cellular phones, pagers, digital cellular phones, HTML-enabled Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), standard Web browsers, fax machines, Internet enabled cable set top boxes, voice and e-mail. These devices will give users tremendous flexibility in accessing wireless data services. The SPEEDIA service will be optimized for each device in terms of display and sound capabilities.

SPEEDIA's strategy is to co-brand its service with information content, computing, software and telecommunications companies. In addition, SPEEDIA will provide secure private interfaces between corporate enterprise computer systems' data and any of the aforementioned devices.

SPEEDIA services incorporate industry-standard technologies, including Sun Microsystems computers and Oracle database software, as well as industry-standard Internet protocols, such as HTML, XML and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol).

To give users the flexibility to use whatever device or medium they choose, SPEEDIA service is accessible over all digital wireless wide area networks, including those based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

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