Telocity, Inc. a provider of Broadband Services announced today that it has joined the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum, whose members include, SprintPCS, Nextel, Nokia, Motorola, Symbian, Ericsson, and Microsoft. The WAP Forum promotes WAP, the industry-wide specification for technology useful in developing advanced applications and services that operate over wireless communication networks, mobile phones, pagers, personal digital assistants, and other wireless devices.

"Telocity is pleased to join the WAP Forum, which includes the world's most significant players in the mobile market," said Glenn Stearns, Director Partnership Programs, Telocity, Inc. "Telocity believes consumers want to use a variety of WAP devices throughout the home and on the go. Our mission, together with our partners, is to manage and deploy an open broadband-service-platform for "life-style" services to millions of customers, to let the consumers choose and control the services they want."

The WAP Forum comprises over 190 members, including manufacturers representing 95% of the worldwide mobile handset market, carriers with over 100 million subscribers, leading infrastructure providers, PC software companies and other companies that deliver solutions to the wireless industry. With active participation from the entire industry, the WAP Forum has delivered a set of standard protocols and an application environment designed to run on top of most wireless network systems.

Telocity, Inc. is an emerging provider of branded, broadband services that is specifically targeting the residential market. The company is building the first open, end-to-end high-speed platform for delivering a portfolio of Internet-based services to the home, throughout the home, and on the go, from basic high-speed Internet access to more premium services such as entertainment, financial services, education, e-commerce, telecommuting, personal communications and home management.

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