Visteon's Mobile Office Solutions give busy commuters more of what they need - Time

Today Visteon gave business commuters an extra seven days a year. How? By providing innovative systems solutions that will optimize driving time.

On average, people spend at least 170 hours – or one whole week – each year driving from home to office and back again. However, with revolutionary technology created by Visteon, a leading global provider of integrated automotive systems, commuters of the future will have the advantage of seamless computing time. This technological link between home and office will provide commuters with the opportunity to safely conduct personal or professional business – optimizing time traditionally spent stuck in traffic.

The future of commuting includes vehicles fully loaded with voice-activated communication tools. Visteon's ICES System (Information, Communication, Entertainment, Safety and Security System) is a fully integrated vehicle computing platform capable of supporting on-board multimedia systems. Using verbal commands, drivers can check e-mail and schedules, look up phone numbers and make calls, and check the stock market – all without taking their hands off the steering wheel or looking away from the road. ICES is powered by Intel Architecture microprocessors and uses the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.

"Visteon's innovative voice-activated technology allows commuters to safely and efficiently conduct business while on the road," said Visteon President Craig Muhlhauser. "The result is increased productivity during what was previously 'downtime' – and a seamless interface between home, vehicle and office."

To enhance ICES, Visteon recently announced a partnership with the 3Com Corporation, creator of the Palm Computing Connected Organizer. For those who use Palm Computing for planning and scheduling, Visteon is developing an in-vehicle docking station to use during drive time. Using Visteon Voice Technology, information can be exchanged, updated or deleted. Thanks to Visteon, commuters will have a fully integrated on-board computing system – completely functional with simple voice commands – in their car.

In addition to on-board computing, Visteon Voice Technology allows drivers to make phone calls, and change settings on the audio and climate control systems.

For professionals around the world – such as sales representatives – who spend a majority of the workday in their car, Visteon's technologies offer some unique advantages.

Visteon Voice Technology responds to six different languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, including multiple dialects and accents – a breakthrough for drivers using the technology. And, Visteon has developed the only voice-activated system in the industry that understands continuous and natural patterns of speech without the need to be trained to one voice.

For optimum convenience, Visteon has developed a hands-free vehicle entry system. This next-generation keyless entry system allows drivers to shut off vehicle security systems and unlock the doors with a Customer Identification Device (CID) – a plastic card with a silicon chip embedded on it. When the driver is within 1.5 meters of the vehicle, encrypted communication between the vehicle and the CID unlocks the door without the use of keys.

"Throughout the development of this technology, Visteon spent a great deal of time listening to consumers to understand their attitudes, feelings, and changing preferences," said Muhlhauser. "Visteon is very focused on bringing value to our customers by anticipating their needs, and producing breakthrough consumer-driven systems solutions."

Finally, commuters can listen to music played through the premier sound system in the automotive industry, thanks to a recent partnership between Visteon and Danish audio-video manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. The agreement pairs Visteon's world-class audio and electronic capabilities with Bang & Olufsen's ability to produce top quality, uniquely designed audio systems for the ultimate vehicle audio experience.

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