Vodafone becomes an Internet Service Provider

Vodafone, the UK's most popular mobile phone operator, today announces it is becoming an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering subscription free internet access for everyone. Launched to complement Vodafone Interactive, vodafone.net will provide reliable high, quality internet services.

"Vodafone is committed to being the world's leading supplier of mobile communication services, supporting every aspect of customers' lives," commented Alan Harper, Vodafone Limited's Managing Director. "Being an ISP, with particular focus on mobile access, is a strategic extension of our core services."

Like most other subscription free internet services, calls to vodafone.net using a fixed phone are charged at the local rate by the customer's usual fixed line provider (eg BT, cable). When made over the Vodafone network, calls will be charged at the customer's regular tariff, and customers with the local call option will always be charged at the local call rate.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day by highly trained operators.

Customers are given two e-mail addresses in the following formats:



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