Vodafone Interactive - unleashing the power of your Vodafone

Vodafone, the UK's most popular mobile phone network, today unveils Vodafone Interactive, the first product of its kind in the UK. Set to 'unleash the power of your Vodafone,' this dynamic and exclusive group of lifestyle services brings together all the leading edge communication technologies of the modern world. Vodafone Interactive combines the most powerful resources available today: your Vodafone, the Internet and you.

Vodafone Interactive is a 'here and now' product, it gives you the freedom to do what ever you want, when you want, and all from your Vodafone handset. It will improve the efficiency of business life and make a busy personal life easier to manage. At the touch of a button you can be kept up to date and informed, wherever you are.

Vodafone is also delighted to announce that it has become an Internet Service Provider. A subscription free Internet service will help to bring many of the Vodafone Interactive services direct to its customers.

Vodafone Interactive is made up of four cornerstone services:

Personal Preference Page also known as P3, the gateway to Vodafone Interactive that allows users to personalise and customise their service, choosing what to receive as and when needed. Perhaps users would like to know the latest news, share information, the weather or their team's latest scores. The P3 will also enable users to send an SMS, top up the credit on a Pay As You Talk phone or just check the balance. The P3 is designed to help customers get more out of life by putting them in control. It is self-service and can be changed or amended as often as required, but there is also a customer care facility to help when needed.

Virtual Personal Assistant, your on-line organiser with optional voice activation, will remind you of important times and dates, send, receive and store text messages, and gives you a full email service, alerting you when new emails arrive. Your VPA will do all the running around for you.

Internet Everywhere also known as vodafone.net, allows access to the Internet free from anywhere. Whether this is from a fixed line with a PC and modem, with a digital Vodafone and PC or other device or with a mobile phone with built in micro browser (WAP phone) you just dial up and begin surfing the web or simply collect emails.

Virtual Shopping Experience is the shop in your pocket. It will let you create your own shopping centre with your favourite on-line shops and then it is up to you what you buy! The holding of regular shopping lists, item search facilities and secure automated payment mechanisms will all improve your shopping experience. Retail therapy or sheer convenience - the choice is yours.

Vodafone Interactive is available free of charge to everyone and you can change your mind about the services you want to use at any time. You don't have to be a Vodafone mobile customer to take advantage of Vodafone Interactive, but Vodafone customers do benefit from additional services and flexibility.

"Vodafone Interactive is a virtual life support system, and is the first of its kind in the UK," commented Alan Harper, Managing Director of Vodafone Limited. "As the technologies converge it will become invisible to our customers how they run their business and personal lives - Vodafone Interactive will make it happen."

Vodafone Interactive has been designed so that it can be enjoyed now by all digital mobile phone users - no extra kit is needed. PC and modem users will also be ready to go, as will mobile phone and PDA users. The Vodafone portal is specifically designed to be downloaded on a WAP phone but can also be used with current standard PC software.

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