WidComm Bluetooth Developer Kit Available


. Capitalizing on its diverse technological expertise and existing intellectual property in the area of wireless data, Widcomm is uniquely positioned to provide software solutions, product development and consultation services utilizing the Bluetooth prototol, a short-range radio link technology.

Widcomm Expertise
Widcomm has expertise in the following technology disciplines:

  • Wireless data including cellular/PCS data protocols
  • CDPD protocols and subscriber products
  • Paging protocols and subscriber products
  • Internet wireless appliances

Bluetooth Protocol Stack
Widcomm has completed development of the following parts of the Bluetooth protocol stack:

  • L2CAP
  • HID over Bluetooth
  • Link Manager Protocol(LMP)
  • Host Controller Interface(HCI)

Software Modules Related to Bluetooth Implementation

  • AT command parder (Hayes and extended Hayes)
  • Configuration wizard on Win 98, Win 95, Win CE, Palm OS
  • Status monitoring utility on Win 98, Win 95, WinCE, Palm OS
. Bluetooth Development Kit
Widcomm is able to offer a complete reference implementation solution that includes the baseband, RF, software, diagnostics, and test applications. The reference design includes a working board with appropriate debug capabilities and documented software API.

Utilizing Widcomm's scalable software architecture platform, Widcomm's Bluetooth Development Kit includes the following:

  • ASIC device drivers
  • Various interface (USC, JTAG, serial ports)
  • Boot loader
  • Host driver software (supporint Win 95, 98, NT, and CE)
  • Host Control Interface (HCI)
  • Link management firmware
  • Configuration software and host utilities
  • Troubleshooting diagnostics utilities
  • Test of MMI to exercise chipset and associated protocols and device drivers
  • Documentation (API descriptions, Interface test programs, design, sample application code, troubleshooting guide)
  • Self-running tutorial

Application Development
Widcomm provides custom application development services utilizing the Bluetooth solution. System and network engineering are also offered with this development service.

Related Bluetooth Services
Widcomm can provide porting of software, utilities, and drivers to a user-specified platform, i.e. CPU, microcontroller, OS, or interface. Integration and testing services leading to Bluetooth certification are also available.

Maintenance and upgrade services for the core software and protocol implementation are offered. This service includes field, integration, and certification testing.

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