Bill Gates Outlines Microsoft's Vision for Communications and Computing At Telecom 99 + Interactive 99

Keynote Features Demonstration of End-to-End Solutions for Mobile Data Services, Providing Any Time, Anywhere Access to Information

In his keynote address today at Telecom 99 + Interactive 99, Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corp., highlighted the role Microsoft plays in converged communications and outlined the challenges and opportunities ahead for the communications and computing industries. Gates discussed Microsoft's key role as both a technology provider and a business partner for service providers in the effort to speed the development of broadband networks and lay the groundwork for next-generation services that will provide businesses and consumers with the services and information they want any time, anywhere and on any device.

Illustrating Microsoft's vision, Gates' presentation included a demonstration of end-to-end solutions for mobile data services built using Microsoft® platforms and diAx's network infrastructure and accessed by a range of mobile devices that are powered by Microsoft microbrowser technology and the Windows® CE operating system. The demonstration showed the utility of mobile data services based on Microsoft platforms that keep people in touch with their corporate Exchange Server-based information and Web content. These services also allow users to conduct transactions while on the go.

"Software will play a critical role in helping businesses and consumers gain universal access to their information," Gates said. "Microsoft's mission is to provide the technology and platform building blocks that will enable new services to be deployed on broadband networks and to integrate with the PC, television and telephone, as well as a new generation of intelligent devices. We intend to offer customers access to their information any time, anywhere and on any device."

Gates also paid special attention to Windows 2000 as the best platform for service providers to use for deploying next-generation services. Available soon, the Windows 2000 family of server products offers improved scalability, reliability and manageability for mission-critical telecommunications applications, while providing enhanced applications and communications features. All these capabilities benefit both applications developers - by providing a functional and powerful platform for the development of next-generation network solutions - and service providers, who can deploy new network and service solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

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