Ericsson announces global scale GPRS Mobile Internet trials

- more than 45 operators in GPRS field trials

Ericsson is delivering GPRS systems to more than 45 leading-edge operators in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, for GPRS field trials.

This significant deployment of Ericsson's full-fledged GPRS field trial systems is putting Mobile Internet ever closer to being in the hands of users.

General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) introduces packet data to mobile networks and is a first vital step in the evolution to third generation (3G) mobile networks, fully enabling Mobile Internet applications and a range of other advanced datacom services.

Ericsson combines its core strengths in datacom and mobility in its GPRS systems. The Ericsson GPRS field trail systems consist of complete, open standardized systems, including infrastructure, terminals and applications. Operators already announced to receive Ericsson's GPRS systems are included in the 45 operator figure.

Ericsson's GPRS system allows operators to conduct extensive evaluations and preparations for their first commercial launch of packet-switched applications.

"We're seeing a tremendously strong market demand for our GPRS systems and the applications they enable," says Per Nordlöf, General Manager, Packet Switching Systems at Ericsson Network Operators. "GPRS is key to providing cost-effective and efficient wireless datacom applications, such as web-browsing and other IP-based applications, all of which can be integrated with Ericsson's data backbone solutions."

Ericsson's GPRS system will enable operators to offer Mobile Internet and other IP-based applications at speeds ten times as fast as current mobile networks that are optimized for voice applications.

Ericsson signed the industry's first GPRS contract in January 1999, and was first to deliver GPRS equipment, in July of this year. Ericsson has also announced the first agreement with a TDMA operator, US-based Rogers Cantel, to provide a platform enabling GPRS.

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