Ericsson offers the market 400 WAP consultants

For companies that need expert advice and support regarding wireless application protocol (WAP), Ericsson Business Consulting has created a global business practice entirely focused on WAP. The aim is to have over 400 WAP engineers and consultants by the end of this year. The WAP consultants will help the market take advantage of this technology that is opening new opportunities for increased competitiveness.

“WAP is one of those technologies which quickly captures the market’s attention,” said Kennet Rådne, Vice President and General Manager of Ericsson Business Consulting. “It is the first step toward mobile Internet. Many companies now realize that these technologies are changing the face of the business world in which they operate. They may not understand exactly how and why, but they are aware that they need to change and adapt. This is where our WAP consultants come in.”

Four hundred of Ericsson’s consultants have now further honed their skills in cutting-edge technologies such as WAP. The expertise of these 400 is currently being promoted via a vigorous advertising campaign in seven European countries.

The WAP campaign focuses on three business sectors that are already highly developed in IT terms; banking and finance, travel and transport, and media and entertainment.

The main thrust of the WAP campaign will come through the Internet. A special Web site ( answers questions centering on what WAP is, how it is changing business and how Ericsson Business Consulting can help organizations take the right decisions at the right time.

To attract visitors to the Let’s WAP campaign, an extensive banner campaign is being run on several Web sites that are largely business oriented. Ads are also being placed in selected financial newspapers.

“Our consultants are committed to continuous development,” said Kennet Rådne. “We have access to Ericsson’s vast pool of expertise and know-how in communications technology. That is why our 4,000 professionals in more than 30 countries have that little extra something when it comes to helping clients along the road to the new mobile world.”

Ericsson Business Consulting’s campaign kicks off on the 25th October and continues to the middle of December.

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