and Motorola Lexicus Bring Simple, Fast Text Entry to WAP Enabled Browsers on Mobile Phones

The UP.Browser microbrowser Now Supports Lexicus' iTAP(TM) Intelligent Keypad Entry ...

The Lexicus Division of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and (Nasdaq: PHCM) announced today a collaborative effort to enhance the text entry capabilities of phones equipped with's™ UP.Browser™ micro browser. The Lexicus Division of Motorola has agreed to support the UP.Browser platform with the iTAP™ intelligent keypad text entry system. intends to further extend it's position as a leader in the delivery of powerful yet simple to use Internet access for mass-market wireless telephones.

By supporting the UP.Browser with the iTAP intelligent keypad text entry system, Motorola's Lexicus Division helps provide licensees with the ability to add an intuitive, efficient data entry system to their device without the addition of new hardware components such as keyboards or touchscreens. Supporting multiple European and Asian languages, the iTAP technology can replace multi-tap text entry methods currently used on most cellular phones and allow manufacturers to create a single phone that can be used across multiple geographies and language regions. Traditional and simplified Chinese versions of the iTAP system have been enormously successful in Motorola's cd928+ model handset, which enables users to input and send Chinese SMS* messages across the GSM network.

"The iTAP technology stands to extend microbrowsing capabilities beyond just smart phone and high-tier handsets," said Steven Nowlan, general manager of Motorola's Lexicus Division. "With our iTAP text entry system, the realm of mass-market products that rely solely on the telephone keypad for input and retrieval of data are now capable of supporting WAP enabled browsing functionality."

"Simplified text-entry on a wireless mobile phone dramatically enhances the user experience when working with interactive web applications like e-mail, address books and other applications requiring user input," said Ben Linder,'s vice president of marketing. "The combination of the UP.Browser microbrowser and Lexicus' iTAP text entry truly enables WAP enabled devices, like Motorola's tri-band Timeport™ L7089 GSM phone to be a powerful two-way communication tool, not just for voice, but for wireless Internet services."*

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