Gemplus Partners With Baltimore Technologies To Provide Portable Security For e-Business

Baltimore Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Technology Now Supports Gemplus Smart Cards

Baltimore Technologies (Nasdaq:BALT)(London:BLM), a global leader in e-commerce and enterprise security, and Gemplus, the world's leading provider of smart card solutions, today announced both the integration of their technologies and a sales and marketing agreement. This agreement will benefit customers of both Baltimore and Gemplus who wish to deploy smart card-based PKI systems.

Baltimore has incorporated Gemplus GemSAFE(TM) smart cards into its PKI solutions portfolio, offering customers the choice of using this integrated technology for added security and manageability in a variety of e-commerce applications. Baltimore products such as UniCERT, MailSecure and PKI-Plus will support Gemplus GemSAFE smart cards in future versions. Immediately, customers can use UniCERT digital certificates on GemSAFE smart cards with a variety of e-business applications to provide enhanced security and portability for e-business security.

KMD, who is providing a Certificate Authority Service in Denmark, is already using the integrated solution to facilitate the adoption of the Internet for business.

"We were conscious of the importance of interoperability in choosing our PKI technology, in particular the ability to interface seamlessly with smart cards. We recognized that both Baltimore and Gemplus were leaders in their respective fields and the fact that they had already completed integration work as part of Baltimore PKI World resulted in the easy establishment of our CA services," said Finn Grimstad, vice-president for technical development, KMD.

"Smart cards provide a secure, portable means for using PKI technology and digital certificates and are rapidly becoming part of everyday life," stated Paddy Holahan, executive vice president of marketing from Baltimore Technologies.

"Smart cards not only provide enhanced security, but their ease of use offers a convenient, user-friendly means for portable user authentication. The integration of GemSAFE technology with UniCERT Certificate Authority system will facilitate the widespread deployment of smart card-based PKI systems for both e-commerce and enterprise applications."

Gemplus and Baltimore are also working together on the integration of GemSAFE Manager with Baltimore UniCERT Certificate Authority system. GemSAFE Manager is part of GemSAFE Enterprise, Gemplus smart card-based network security solution.

This component is a server-based system for managing and administering the entire lifecycle of GemSAFE smart cards. The integration of this system with UniCERT's flexible Registration Authority (RA) will enable bulk personalization, corporate branding and management of the smart card and the associated cryptographic keys and digital certificates it contains.

"In the fast growing age of digital business, PKI technology has become the de-facto standard to secure open networks. Smart cards increase the performance of any PKI implementation by providing corporations with enhanced security, portability and an easy-to-use solution. The alliance between Baltimore, one of the leading provider of PKI technology, and Gemplus, the leader of smart card-based solutions, provides our customers with one of the best security solutions available on the market today," commented Olivier Chavrier, EMEA IT marketing manager at Gemplus.

Baltimore UniCERT is used in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems to provide full-strength security for a wide variety of e-Commerce and Enterprise security systems. Using digital certificates, UniCERT provides authentication and non-repudiation facilities for services such as Secure Email, Internet Shopping, Secure Web Banking, Online Trading and Virtual Private Networks.

Gemplus GemSAFE Enterprise provides corporations with an integrated security solution including all the hardware and software necessary to enhance an existing PKI, from the development tools and end-user component, to the management and administration system.

In addition to integration into an existing PKI, GemSAFE Enterprise can potentially be incorporated into other IT security applications including firewalls and VPNs.

GemSAFE technnology has already been adopted by more than 15 solutions providers and by large OEMs such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM.

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