Handspring, Inc., a leading handheld computing innovator and PalmGear H.Q., the leader in Palm OS™ software sales and services, today announced a partnership to bring premium software sales and services to Handspring's new web store, handspring.com. With back-end integration services provided by PalmGear H.Q., visitors to handspring.com can now conveniently browse and purchase the best software available to use with Handspring's new family of Visor™ expandable handheld computers.

In addition to giving Handspring customers fast and easy access to a wide variety of handheld software solutions, the alliance gives developers of high-quality Palm OS software another vehicle for promoting their solutions, and gives PalmGear H.Q. an additional front end to their successful web-based software distribution model. It also helps Handspring round out its range of offerings for customers at handspring.com. Handspring's Visor handheld computers are compatible with the thousands of software applications available for the Palm OS.

A co-branded portion of Handspring's web store now gives customers fast and easy access to a premium selection of software solutions that PalmGear H.Q. has selected for Handspring based on quality, performance and popularity. Customers can choose from a wide variety of application categories available at handspring.com including business, database software, financial, hobbies, time management, clock and calendar applications, education, games, language and reference, travel, communications, enhancements, utilities, hacks and miscellaneous fun applications.

"PalmGear H.Q. is the leader in its category today, with a popular and recognized brand among handheld software customers," said Ed Colligan, vice president of marketing and sales for Handspring. "By working with them to integrate their highly successful software distribution system with our new Web store, we can offer our customers an easy one-stop solution for getting all of the handheld computing products they need."

"PalmGear H.Q. is glad to be working with Handspring to help propel them to the forefront of the handheld computing space. Our proven site content paired with their popular Visor line makes for a win-win relationship," said Kenny West, president of PalmGear H.Q. "With the great selection of software we are making available for Handspring customers to enhance their Visor products, we are confident they will feel their investment is quickly returned."

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