Intelligent Information Incorporated joins Content Alliance Program for CMG’s WAP Service Broker

CMG Telecommunications today announced at Wireless I.T.99 that Intelligent Information Incorporated (III) is the first partner in its Content Alliance Program for CMG’s latest product, the WAP Service BrokerÔ (WSB). The WAP Service Broker, based on the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), is a performance-based wireless product that is expected to transform the mobile Internet market into a valuable Internet access resource for mobile users. It will also provide mobile operators with an innovative means to harness untapped potential revenue streams by offering differentiated services to their current and prospective subscribers.

CMG and III, a leading provider of wireless Internet content and commerce services, will work to provide personalized WAP content and commerce services over CMG’s WAP Service Broker. CMG and III will jointly market product offerings aimed at increasing awareness and coverage of WAP services. CMG’s WAP Service Broker (WSB) gives service providers a significant advantage in the competitive mobile market. Because it allows operators to selectively package Internet content into a highly differentiated and personalized information service for subscribers, their ability to capture and retain customers and market share will be significantly enhanced.

"With several wireless operators already delivering III’s information via CMG's SMSC platforms, this announcement only substantiates the working relationship that has already existed between our two companies", says Doug Corrigan, Product Manager for the WAP Service Broker. "III has long been a pioneer and leader in the delivery of content and commerce services for mobile telecommunications. Their ability to integrate their service offerings with CMG's WAP Service Broker gives mobile operators the degree of confidence necessary to quickly roll out WAP services, giving subscribers the services that they demand, while maintaining control and brand ownership within the operator's domain".

"III is excited to be the first member of the WAP Service Broker Content Alliance Program," commented Steve Maloney, President and CEO of III. "WAP Service Broker provides carriers with a unique, innovative way to deploy wireless Internet services and provides III with an additional channel to satisfy the needs of today’s mobile consumers."

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