eCountant Business-to-Business E-Commerce Cataloging Software Strengthens Company's Leadership Position in Wireless Internet Applications Industry

NEW YORK - October 26, 1999 - KenTech Inc., a full-service Internet systems integration firm and developer of wireless Internet applications, today announced the company has joined the Phone.comä Alliance Program as a developer of wireless Internet database applications. These applications offer's professional customer base with communication solutions that will enable complete access to their company's Extranet to get product information, check inventory or place orders and integrate remotely with the e-mail, address books and calendar applications on the user's PC.

"eCountant is the first of many wireless Internet applications KenTech is designing to empower the business community with solutions that offer wireless access to all their vital office data as well as the ability to remotely communicate with the world," said Ken Nelson, President of KenTech. "Our alliance with will strengthen KenTech's leadership position in the wireless Internet applications market and help the company better position itself for other synergistic industry partnerships."

KenTech's proprietary Extranet software, eCountant, is a Web-based catalog publishing application that allows users without any HTML knowledge to manage a company's online catalog and supports most online commerce systems including Microsoft Site Server and Cybercash. In addition, eCountant allows users to publish private HDML-based commerce catalogs to enable sales force automation. Catalog additions and updates can be performed remotely via most Internet browser software or by using wireless phones or a wireless handheld interactive pager.

"KenTech's solutions have extremely advanced capabilities - beyond remote sending and receiving of e-mails - to provide mobile sales people wireless applications to access their company's catalog on an Extranet to check inventory, prices or place an order from the road," said Kathy Simpson, Director of Developer Marketing for " is dedicated to encouraging the development of a wide range of Internet-based services and applications that utilize our platform. Our alliance with KenTech will enable the delivery of KenTech's innovative interactive business-to-business e-commerce services to the wireless marketplace."

KenTech is a full-service Internet systems integration firm which develops and implements wireless Internet database applications and communication solutions to support mobile sales people using any wireless compliant Internet browser with complete access and synchronization with their in-house Extranet, e-mail, address book and calendar applications.

The Alliance Program has two aims: to promote the concept of wireless information access, and to co-ordinate the exchange of ideas and information between Alliances Program members and companies developing wireless Internet products and services.

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