Web2PCS.com announced today its membership to the Phone.com™ Alliance program. The alliance with Phone.com will accelerate the integration of Web2PCS's diverse content and wireless applications with Phone.com's interactive UP.Browser™. The UP.Browser will empower mobile phone subscribers to directly and instantly access wireless Internet services using their mobile devices.

WAP formatted content and applications are available through Web2PCS's wireless portal, a tool intended for mobile subscribers. Similar to internet-based portals like Yahoo and Excite, Web2PCS's wireless portal provides a comprehensive suite of free services and utilities that consumers will use to make navigating the wireless internet easier and more efficient. Services include Entertainment, Quick Message, Email2PCS, PCS Alerts and Info Now. Future products such as Wireless Instant Messaging, Wireless Games, Wireless Calendar Synchronization and a WAP Search Engine will be released later this year.

With the integration of Internet and wireless technology, Phone.com offers a built-in microbrowser to mass-market wireless devices. This allows WAP content to be accessed via wireless devices. This product, together with products such as Web2PCS.com's application, allows users to access the wireless web, enables carriers to expand their distribution channels and dedicate more resources towards customer satisfaction.

"We are very excited about this alliance with Phone.com," says Raza Kamran VP of Strategic Development, Web2PCS.com. "It is a mutually beneficial relationship allowing Web2PCS to increase traffic to its portal in the wireless Internet world as well as provide Phone.com with increased applications and content to further leverage their investment in WAP technology."

"We are happy to have Web2PCS.com join the Phone.com Alliance program," said Kathy Simpson, Director of Developer Marketing at Phone.com. "Web2PCS.com's expertise in this area will enable carriers utilizing the UP.Link™ Server Suite to provide their customers with premium applications increasing customer satisfaction."

Web2PCS.com joins a growing list of alliances that includes developers, carriers, and handset manufacturers using the Phone.com Product Family. For more information about Phone.com, please visit their Web site at http://www.phone.com.

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