Alcatel, the worldwide pioneer and leader of LMDS, and BreezeCOM, an Israeli company specialized in local wireless systems, announced today the companies have signed an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership agreement. It concerns the marketing of a local broadband radio loop system developed and produced by BreezeCOM and branded by Alcatel as EVOLIUM™ Wireless IP. This new radio access system will complement Alcatel's current Broadband Wireless Access offering.

This agreement is another significant step in the overall value chain Alcatel is creating chiefly for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) for the building up of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) networks. These operators, as well as incumbent operators and full-service telecom operators worldwide, will be able to provide quickly and economically fast access to the Internet as well as a wide range of high-speed voice and data services to customers in densely populated areas.

The new EVOLIUM™ Wireless IP solution, a highly advanced technology based on IP (Internet Protocol), uses band from 2 up to 5 GHz. It is more dedicated to the Small Office Home Office (SoHos) segment-professionals, retailers, freelance workers, very small businesses-who need medium rate data over IP or, before long, Voice over IP.

Jean-David Calvet, Vice President Marketing Product Management & Support of Alcatel's Radio Communications activities, commented: "Every operator expects rapid return on investment. This challenge is especially critical for new operators, eager to rollout revenue-generating services as quickly as possible. Now, operators can deliver broadband access with fiber-like quality at an affordable price right to customers at their place of work. A great leap forward made possible by the EVOLIUM™ LMDS and EVOLIUM™ Wireless IP solutions".

The existing EVOLIUM™ LMDS solution, which uses band from 20 up to 40 GHz, is what operators offer mainly to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) whose data transmission rates are increasing sharply with Internet/Intranet traffic. As of December 1999, thirty-five operators around the globe are already running trial Broadband Wireless Access networks using the EVOLIUM™ LMDS solution or plan to do so before the end of the year. The Formus network-one of the world's first and largest-is off the ground, covering a number of major cities in Poland.

About EVOLIUM™ EVOLIUM™ is the brand name of a whole range of fixed and mobile radio solutions dedicated to ILECs, CLECs and GSM operators and specially designed to adapt to the constantly changing realities of fixed and cellular networks. The EVOLIUM™ range of solutions includes:

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