Leading Internet Infrastructure Providers Team To Enable Allaire to Offer Robust, Feature Rich Wireless-Enabled E-Business Platform for Rapid Development of WAP-enabled Content

Allaire Corporation (Nasdaq: ALLR), a leading independent e-business platform vendor, and, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of software and services that enable the delivery of Internet-based services to mass-market wireless phones, today announced a joint development alliance that has resulted in the availability of a WAP-enabled e-business platform for the development of innovative applications for Internet-enabled mobile phones, which will be provided by Allaire. Both companies have collaborated to develop a solution that leverages the award-winning Allaire E-business platform with the leading-edge functionality of's WAP-compatible UP.SDK™ 4.0.

The Allaire E-business Platform is a scaleable, open infrastructure to build and run businesses on the Web. Through this relationship with, Allaire Platform users are now able to develop and distribute custom Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-based applications. This functionality helps businesses built on the Allaire platform to be prepared for the growing market of Internet-enabled mobile phones.

Allaire and have teamed up to provide rich WAP and ColdFusion support in their respective software development tools. The combination of the Allaire E-business platform and the UP.SDK 4.0 provide the most comprehensive and powerful environment available for developing WAP applications. Allaire has incorporated developed tools into its latest release of HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio. UP.SDK users can receive the benefits of the reliable and proven Allaire e-business platform, as well as an easy-to-use toolkit for developing custom WAP applications. Existing Allaire customers can further extend their investment in Allaire's open platform with the addition of new Web-based applications for mobile phones.

"The e-business revolution is being driven in part by companies that can simplify and extend the integration of enabling technologies and standards, such as WAP, into the existing Internet infrastructure," said Jeremy Allaire, Chief Technology Officer of Allaire. "Allaire and have the technology and the experience to make custom, next-generation wireless Internet services a reality for mainstream corporations."

Key customers are already implementing the wireless-enabled e-business platform from Allaire. Go2Systems, Inc. the originator of Go2, a leading global addressing and locator system designed for the Internet and portable devices, has already realized considerable productivity and business benefits from the new platform.

"We were able to convert over 300 Web sites into phone-optimized sites within four-to-five days," said Dylan Bromby, Director of Wireless Products for Go2Systems, Inc. "The rapid development cycle and unparalleled management, flexibility and scalability of the Allaire e-business platform together with the robust WAP support of the UP.SDK was critical to our success."

"This relationship provides companies with an ideal platform for rapidly developing innovative applications for the growing number of Internet-enabled mobile phones," said Ben Linder, Vice President of Marketing for "Allaire is a pioneer and leader in developing solutions for successfully conducting business on the Web. Similarly, is a pioneer and market leader in enabling the new WAP-based wireless environment. With our combined technologies and expertise, companies now have a premier solution for building a business that is better poised to succeed today and tomorrow."

The Wireless Application Protocol is an open, global specification that enables wireless devices to quickly access Web sites specifically designed for mobile phones and terminals and optimizes the information displayed on the screen of an Internet-enabled mobile phone. Through WAP, the user cannot only access typical public information such as sports, news and email, but also can get encrypted access to corporate applications delivering user-specific information over the wireless network

Both and Allaire are members of the WAP Forum-bringing together industry leaders to develop world standards for wireless information and telephony services on digital and wireless devices.

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