Certicom Joins Ericsson, EDS, Gemplus and Sonera to Promote Wireless E-Commerce Worldwide

Certicom, a leading provider of next-generation encryption technology, today announced that it has joined the Radicchio initiative, a global alliance focused on defining a standard security platform for wireless e-commerce. Certicom will work together with founding members Sonera SmartTrust, Gemplus, and EDS (Electronic Data Systems), to promote the use of an enviroment based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies, allowing secure electronic transactions to take place over wireless networks.

Certicom will bring to the group its experience in building wireless e-commerce solutions for WAP, SIM-based GSM phones, PDAs, and pagers, and its commercialization of many OEM security and encryption products based on the Company’s high-performance, industry-standard elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), SSL, WTLS and PKI technologies.

The Radicchio initiative seeks to promote the use of a PKI-based framework developed by Sonera SmartTrust, and enable this framework to interoperate with certification authorities, mobile operators, systems integrators, device manufacturers and financial institutions. This will ensure that as mobile commerce grows, there will be a standard security platform upon which all mobile commerce software, services and devices can be based. Another key group objective is to persuade governments, government bodies and regulators to take the framework into account when drawing up new e-commerce legislation or guidelines.

“We welcome Certicom, a well-respected leader in providing wireless security technologies, to Radicchio,” said Joe Krull, interim CEO of Radicchio. “We look forward to Certicom’s contributions to the forum, especially in the area of efficient PKI.”

“Explosive growth in wireless e-commerce has presented a new challenge, requiring increased cooperation between operators, manufacturers, and application providers,” said Prakash Panjwani, director of wireless marketing, Certicom. “Radicchio is the first global organization to bring together these players, and provide the opportunity to promote secure wireless e-commerce solutions via innovative use of PKI technology.”

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