New Service Delivers Personalized News Updates to Users through's MyPhone

COMTEX News Network (OTC BB: CMTX), the premier real-time news source distributed by over 375 Internet services, and, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHCM), a leading provider of software and services that enable the delivery of Internet-based content to mass-market wireless phones, announced today an agreement to deliver timely domestic and international news to wireless phone users. COMTEX will distribute breaking news and intelligence to the™ MyPhone™ service, a mobile portal platform that enables network operators to create their own branded portal sites. The agreement between the companies further demonstrates's commitment to deliver leading and popular Internet applications to wireless network operators via the MyPhone service.

COMTEX News Network serves over 375 companies with real-time news to benefit millions of Internet, personal investing, Wall Street and corporate end-users throughout the world. More than any other news aggregator, COMTEX delivers internationally focused financial and business wires, in addition to traditional domestic coverage, which offer local reporting, and therefore a cultural perspective on issues and events not covered by major services. The COMTEX news feeds that will be distributed through the MyPhone service will be formatted specifically to fit wireless phones.

The MyPhone service is a suite of Internet-based services and networking applications that is optimized for Internet-enabled wireless phones. Providing a framework for the aggregation, presentation, customization and delivery of Internet-based content, the MyPhone service allows wireless subscribers to personalize the content they receive. In addition to the COMTEX news feeds, the MyPhone service will deliver Internet-based information services including weather updates, stock and financial information databases, e-mail, address book, and calendar functionality to end users through the network operators. "Integrating the COMTEX content into the MyPhone service enables network operators to provide valuable news content to their subscribers," said Ben Linder, vice president of marketing for "With taking responsibility for the compilation, integration and delivery of the Web-based content subscribers are demanding, operators can better focus on building brand recognition and customer loyalty."

"The agreement illustrates how COMTEX, as the 'Infomediary to the Internet,' empowers and adds value to a cutting-edge application, MyPhone, with compelling content selected from up to 45 different real-time wire services," said Charles Terry, COMTEX News Network President and CEO. "The wireless arena is the next Internet frontier, and we are excited to be an early player as a part of's wireless application."

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