Ericsson delivers first American GPRS equipment

- Omnipoint begins trial of high-speed wireless data GSM service provider Omnipoint Communications has begun the first U.S. trials of high-speed wireless data technology using Ericsson's General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) solution. GPRS is an important step in the evolution to third-generation (3G) mobile telephone networks.

This new technology will enable Omnipoint to offer customers better wireless access to the Internet as well as a wide range of other IP-based services at speeds reach 115 kbps. That is up to 12 times faster than current Omnipoint data rates and more than double the average speed of most dial-up modems today.

Ericsson's GPRS solution is installed at network facilities in Wayne, N.J., serving Omnipoint's New York metropolitan area. The system is currently undergoing extensive testing, which includes integration with equipment from other suppliers. Omnipoint plans to extend the scope of these first pre-commercial trials and offer commercial services next year.

Ericsson and Omnipoint signed America's first (and the world's second) GPRS contract last January.

"We are thrilled to be the first American wireless operator to initiate GPRS," said Christopher Resavy, Omnipoint Senior Director for Technology.

"This is further evidence of our ongoing commitment to remain at the telecommunications forefront as a data-driven company."

This co-operation will not be limited to the delivery of infrastructure. Ericsson and Omnipoint are working together to develop the market for non- voice applications, including deployment of the latest technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

"With this deployment, Omnipoint is better poised to put the mobile Internet into the hands of its subscribers," said Jesper Eriksson, Vice President and Key Account Manager, Ericsson Inc. "From here we can expect to see considerable acceleration in the penetration of new mobile datacom applications."

GPRS introduces packet data to mobile networks, fully enabling Mobile Internet applications and a range of other advanced datacom services. By combining its strength in datacom and mobility, Ericsson's objective is to provide users with anywhere, anytime access to the Internet. Ericsson is delivering GPRS systems to more than 45 leading-edge operators in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe for GPRS field trials.

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