GartnerGroup's Datapro Says Server Synchronization to Increase Productivity for Enterprises Using Handheld Devices

As more workers try to have real-time, online access to their business applications when using portable devices, such as handhelds and smartphones, server synchronization software will be the technology that makes this happen more efficiently, according to Datapro, a unit of Gartner Group, Inc. (NYSE: IT).

Many business users with handheld or palm devices synchronize their PIM application with their PCs once a day in their offices through a serial connection. Some users also connect their devices to PCs via a dial-up modem. The PC must also be turned on for this to happen. This scenario can become impractical and expensive, especially as the number of palm users and remote locations increases. Datapro analysts say server synchronization will make this process much easier.

"Server synchronization enables enterprises to bypass the PC, providing efficient, less costly means of accessing enterprise data and applications," said Peter Lowber, research director for Datapro. "Server synchronization software ideally provides real-time data access with the capability for working off-line for applications anytime, anywhere. The benefits of server synchronization are the increased productivity of workers, particularly executives, managers, and sales people who are on the road and those working at remote off-site locations."

Today's server synchronization products fall short of the full requirements that many companies need, but Datapro recommends that enterprises test the current product capabilities and review the future road map of each server synchronization vendor.

"Enterprises planning to synchronize their palm devices with enterprise applications should consider server synchronization products with a store and forward architecture," Mr. Lowber. "This architecture should be capable of supporting multiple client platforms, server database and groupware applications, management capabilities, support for development tools, and transparent access to Web applications."

Additional information on this market is available in the Datapro report, "Server Synchronization Software: Technology Perspective." This report examines the outlook for this market, and it examines the major vendors with server synchronization products for handheld devices.

Datapro also recently released another report examining mobile computing issues titled, "Very Portable Devices (Handhelds, Palmtops, PDAs, SmartPhones) Overview." The report provides an in-depth look at the market for today's emerging small format devices. The report is geared toward the enterprise market. The report examines compatibility and synchronization, technologies and standards, and the leading vendors in the portable devices industry.

To purchase these reports, please call 800-328-2776, or 856-764-0100. More information about Datapro's programs, and descriptions of recent research reports can be found on the Internet at

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