IBM and Sprint to extend the Sprint PCS wireless web to the enterprise

Companies to offer mobile computing business solutions and "real time" wireless access to mission-critical data with security and reliability

IBM and Sprint PCS announced they plan to jointly develop and test a variety of wireless business applications and services for the mobile workforce. The new services, planned for early next year, will enable business people to use the Sprint PCS Wireless Web to clearly send and receive corporate email and access schedules, contacts and personalized corporate business applications in "real time" directly on Sprint PCS Internet-ready Phones.

IBM and Sprint PCS will focus on the secure, reliable and efficient delivery of business applications and transaction-based services to Sprint PCS Internet-ready Phones. By combining the clarity, connectivity and coverage of the nation’s largest all-digital, all-PCS wireless network from Sprint PCS with enterprise software and new hosting services from IBM, business customers will be able to use wireless phones to access most of the same corporate information they can today with a PC.

In September, Sprint PCS launched the Wireless Web Connection which enables business customers to connect to a corporate Intranet or the Internet by connecting a simple cable to a laptop, PDA (personal digital assistant) or other handheld computing device and using a Sprint PCS Phone in place of a modem. To complement this service, Sprint PCS and IBM have teamed to offer real time access to this same corporate Intranet information directly on the display of a Sprint PCS Internet-ready Phone, without a cable or computing device connection.

IBM plans to provide extensions to its existing enterprise software products – such as database, messaging and device management – that will allow data wireless networks, like the Sprint PCS Wireless Web, to accommodate the delivery of mission-critical data and transactions to and from a variety of devices.

IBM is helping companies, such as PlanetRx and Sabre Business Travel Services, to extend their content and applications to wireless devices. Today’s announcement between IBM and Sprint PCS will give companies like these the ability to offer secure and reliable business-to-consumer services as well as direct access to enterprise applications, like order entry and processing and corporate Intranet and email systems, virtually anytime, anywhere.

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