Motorola to Offer Fully Operable End-to-end Solutions for is 801 Standard

Working with customers' requirements and time schedules, Motorola, Inc.'s Network Solutions Sector (NSS) is pursuing a multitude of capital- efficient, location-finding alternatives in the development of advanced emergency 911 (E911) wireless caller location functionality that meets the Federal Communications Commission's E911 guidelines.

Motorola was a major contributor to the IS 801 standard, fully supports it and will build to it while meeting the E911 timeline of customers and the FCC. "This was a major telecommunications industry effort, and Motorola was a very influential leader in negotiating the standard," said John Cipolla, vice president and general manager of Motorola Inc.'s code division multiple access (CDMA) Systems Division. "We are proud that the industry was able to come together to form a standard that is flexible and offers operators cost-effective solutions in offering new locator technology to customers," said Cipolla..

Location is the enabler for many subscriber-based services for safety and, combined with the E911, will create a plethora of other value-added services, such as traffic telematics, tracking and billing.

The E911 location capabilities will assist emergency personnel in locating cellular phone users when they are involved in an accident or other emergency situation. Motorola NSS has participated in assisted global positioning satellite (AGPS) trials.

"Our infrastructure will provide flexibility by working with operators that are using Motorola networks and for those using non-Motorola networks," said Anil Barot, senior product marketing manager for Motorola Inc.'s CDMA division. "This new technology can give wireless providers the chance to start generating revenues earlier to offset costs. What makes us unique is that we can offer our operators total solutions for all their geolocation product needs," said Barot.

Motorola's wireless geolocation services will be implemented, based on customer requirements, across all of its products, including: CDMA, integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDENŽ) and global system for mobile communications (GSM).

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