Puma Technology Extends Scalabilty Of Intellisync® Offerings Through Partnership With BEA Systems

Consumers To Experience Faster Access To Internet-based Data Via Mobile Devices

Puma Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PUMA), a leading provider of mobile device management and synchronization software, announced today a strategic partnership with BEA Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BEAS), the E-Commerce Transactions CompanyTM. Puma plans to incorporate BEA TuxedoÒ into its Intellisync.comTM portal and Enterprise IntellisyncTM software. The integration of this technology will add greater scalability, reliability and speed to Puma's Internet offering and provide support for critical Web-based transactions such as e-commerce. The combined technology is also the cornerstone of Puma's solutions for the corporate enterprise, enabling widespread support for mobile devices in corporations through a massively scalable architecture.

"Puma has continuously led the way in the mobile computing arena, providing the key technologies necessary to allow consumers and professionals both access to and control over critical data, whether it is on the Internet or in the corporate environment," said Brad Rowe, Puma Technology president and CEO. "By partnering with BEA, we will be able to deliver our synchronization services to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously with the reliability they expect. Our goal with Intellisync.com is to provide a premier synchronization infrastructure for the Internet that allows consumers, for the first time, to keep mobile devices, PC-based applications, Web-based applications and Web-based information constantly synchronized. We've seen the Internet become a vital lifeline for information, and the ability to be connected whether offline or online is of paramount importance."


BEA Tuxedo, the industry-leading e-commerce transaction server for enabling rapid development and deployment of e-commerce systems, supports extremely high volumes of transactions to keep up with the speed of changing business environments. BEA Tuxedo allows companies to rapidly develop reliable, high-performance transactional applications to meet the needs of an integrated e-business. Deploying a reliable e-commerce system is critical to e-business success. BEA Tuxedo technology reduces the time, complexity and risk in developing and deploying e-commerce initiatives.

"Consumers are relying more and more on the Internet for critical data, and e-commerce is rapidly becoming one of the driving forces in today's market," said Joe Menard, president of BEA's E-Commerce Server Division. "We are pleased to partner with Puma Technology, which is leading the way in providing access to Internet data via mobile devices. The incorporation of BEA Tuxedo into Puma's solutions will help deliver the reliability and scalability customers need for everything from browsing the Internet on their mobile devices and conducting e-commerce, to installing Puma's synchronization and data management solutions across the enterprise."


Puma will integrate BEA Tuxedo in both Intellisync.com and Enterprise Intellisync. Intellisync.com is a free, Internet-based synchronization service that will allow anyone with Internet access to keep popular PC applications, mobile devices and Web-based content and services effortlessly synchronized from one central address on the Internet. Puma's incorporation of BEA Tuxedo will help provide the Internet service with massive, high-speed scalability, and increased reliability to support the high volume of traffic anticipated on Intellisync.com.

Enterprise Intellisync extends enterprise systems management and deployment of critical data across all mobile device platforms, from wireless phones to PDAs to laptop computers. The solution will facilitate the secure and cost-effective deployment of handheld computing solutions in the enterprise by providing the centralized control of all corporate data, including personal contact and calendaring information on the desktop, customized views of server-based information, and back-end database information. The incorporation of BEA Tuxedo provides Enterprise Intellisync users with the ability to deploy enterprise applications and data to thousands of network users simultaneously, using a fast, reliable infrastructure.

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