Puma Technology Forges Partnership With Leading Cellular Carrier IDO As Part Of Wireless Internet Strategy

IDO and Puma Jointly Develop Intellisync® for EZaccess Solution That Enables Wireless Synchronization to Leading PIM and Groupware Products

Puma Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:PUMA), a leading provider of mobile device management and synchronization software, has entered into a strategic partnership with IDO, one of Japan's leading cellular carriers, in order to enable wireless synchronization to key personal information management (PIM) software and groupware. As part of the company's wireless Internet strategy, Puma has actively partnered with the world's largest cellular carriers including Japan's DoCoMo, DDI, and now IDO. These pioneering Japanese cellular carriers have turned to Puma in an effort to expand the smart phone market by enabling wireless access to critical information via next generation browser-based phones.

With Intellisync for EZaccess, IDO can now give corporate end users of EZaccess phones the data access and synchronization capabilities needed to enhance the power and convenience of this new class of Internet browser-based devices. As next generation devices, EZaccess phones are based on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) standards. As part of the alliance, IDO will promote Intellisync for EZaccess while the product is sold through Puma's distribution channels. Users of EZaccess phones will be able to take advantage of Intellisync for EZaccess when the product becomes available in January 2000.

"Since we have firmly committed to providing the necessary solutions that will help spur the adoption of small devices including the next generation of Internet-enabled phones by the corporate marketplace, we are encouraged to see so many key providers now turning to Puma for the synchronization solution of choice," said Puma President and CEO Brad Rowe. "We are happy to partner with such a key player as IDO in allowing mobile professionals to take advantage of the next generation browser-based phones. As many cutting-edge technologies developed in Japan have made their way to the United States, we expect to see a similar pattern of adoption of these intelligent devices in corporate America stemming from this widespread success of new cellular phones in Japan."


With a new class of devices entering the market, Puma is working with major telecommunications companies like IDO to ensure that corporations and individuals are maximizing these devices appropriately, whether the data is being managed from the corporate server or from the device itself. As the Internet continues to play a more crucial role in the business community, Puma has redefined the business role of handheld computing devices and new generation cell phones by making them powerful, cost-effective, and tightly integrated extensions of the corporate enterprise. Puma has made significant strides in the wireless market with its recent acquisition of ProxiNet and introduction of Intellisync.com, a free internet-based synchronization service. As an extension of its wireless internet strategy, Puma's partnership with IDO will continue to enable mobile professionals to take advantage of new and enhanced wireless capabilities.

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