Samsung Electronics Develops World`s First TV Phone

* World's first combination portable TV/mobile phone unit.
* Miniature, high-performance TV receiver and antenna, plus a 1.8-inch color TFT-LCD are included.

samsungtvphone.jpg (24294 bytes)How you can watch TV on your mobile phone.

Korean technology has resulted in the world's first combination TV/mobile phone unit, allowing users to talk as well as to watch sports, dramas, variety shows and other programs while on the move.

Samsung Electronics has mounted a 1.8-inch high-resolution TFT-LCD on a folder-type mobile phone handset and built in a miniature TV receiver, providing mobility to both telephone and TV access. Development of the SCH-M220 TV phone is complete, and company officials say it will be available in Korea early next year.

Samsung's TV phone represents the convergence of miniature mobile phone technology, TV reception technology and sophisticated display technology. The SCH-M220 features a high-performance antenna that can receive both mobile phone signals and TV signals. The phone circuitry has been integrated as tightly as possible, and the TV receiver is incredibly small. As a result, the size and functions of a conventional folder-type mobile phone have been maintained.

Executive Vice President of the Wireless Terminals Division, Ki Tae Lee stated, "Samsung has launched convergence products, such as the Watch Phone, Wireless Internet Phone and the MP3 Phone, in order to create new demands and strengthen its position in the world market. With the successful development of the TV Phone, we have set a new technological paradigm in the area of digital convergence." The high-resolution TFT-LCD screen can be used to show both TV broadcasts and mobile phone functions. The unit also comes with a personal information manager, large-capacity phonebook and wireless data reception function. The button for controlling the TV is above the phone keypad. One touch of the TV button, and the TV is on screen. If a call comes in while the TV is on, it is automatically changed to Phone mode.

In designing the TV phone, Samsung engineers came up with an optimal battery capable of powering both the TV and high-performance TFT-LCD. Interference between the electromagnetic emissions from the TV and wireless phone was minimized, and special switching technology solved the problem of having two functions in one antenna.

The TV operates on just 3 volts of power but delivers the same picture quality as a portable TV using 9 volts. VHF and UHF reception is also possible. With the high-capacity battery, continuous talk time is up to 170 minutes, and standby is 180 hours. The TV can be viewed for up to 200 minutes on a single battery charge.

The SCH-M220 comes in metallic silver, providing a sophisticated, 21st century image. Samsung Electronics came out with an Internet phone, Watch Phone and MP3 phone in this year. This track record makes Samsung the leader in multipurpose mobile phones. The TV phone will also give the company an edge in the market through mobile phone digital convergence.

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