SmartRay Network Inc. will use advanced technology to send personalized financial information and news to your cellular phone, pager, or PDA”

SmartRay Network, Inc. announced today the launch of its FREE wireless stock quote service allowing consumers to receive information about their favorite stocks on their mobile devices. delivers prices for stocks on all major markets and ‘intelligent alerts’ to notify consumers when there is an unexpected change in the price or volume of their favorite stock. With these powerful features, enables its users to receive a personalized, up-to-date, stock portfolio anytime, anywhere.

On the website, consumers simply enter their favorite stocks by ticker symbol to create a portfolio. users can chose to receive the opening, mid-day, or closing price for a chosen stock, or they can set an ‘intelligent alert’ to notify them of unexpected changes in the price or volume of the stock. As an example, for a given company ABC that typically has a stock price of $150, a user may wish to know if ABC rises to $175 during any trading day. Intelligent stock alerts offered by include volume above, price above, price below, price amount change, and price percent change. has no limit to the number of stocks or markets a consumer can track or the frequency of updates that they can receive with the FREE service.

“ is bringing a valuable service to millions of Americans who invest in the stock market,” said Troy Tyler, SmartRay Network President and CEO. “The same next-generation information system that gives NASDAQ the capacity to trade a billion shares a day, powers We are using the most-advanced, event-driven, object model on the Internet to deliver services to our wireless users. will continue to leverage this platform to deliver new and innovative financial information to consumers.”

Want the story behind the stock prices?’s news offering is the perfect complement to stock price updates. Consumers can stay informed of the news that moves the markets with channels including international, business, science, politics, entertainment, and more. users can ‘filter’ the real-time news headlines with keywords to get exactly the stories they want, like business stories about “Y2K,” for instance. Eight different real-time news channels, featuring hundreds of keywords, are all FREE to users.

Additional services:’s, Personal Mobile Portal is a free, integrated service offering “mobile email”, breaking news headlines, personal calendar reminders, and other services which transform simple phones, pagers, and PDAs into useful information appliances. The service can be used on any mobile phone that receives text messaging, any alphanumeric pager, any wireless PDA, and the new Internet phones. According to recent statistics, more than 300 million such devices exist today. No download, purchase, or upgrade is required for’s service - - the user simply pays their normal “connectivity” charge to their wireless service provider.

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