Extended Systems Licenses Certicom Wireless Security Technology

XTNDConnect Server 2.3 Product Utilizes Advanced Certicom Encryption Technology to Enable High-speed, Secure Transactions for Mobile Enterprise Customers

Certicom Corp., a leading provider of next-generation encryption technology, today announced a licensing agreement whereby Extended Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: XTND) will use Certicom's elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) technology to secure its XTNDConnect Server 2.3 product. XTNDConnect 2.3 is a server-based mobile synchronization and management solution that is expected to be available with Certicom encryption on Dec. 17, 1999. Certicom's ECC technology allows Extended Systems' XTNDConnect Server 2.3 to provide high-speed, secure transactions for handheld computing applications and corporate servers.

"The addition of Certicom encryption to XTNDConnect enables us to offer our customers an exceptionally secure solution for handheld access to information," said Steve Simpson, Extended Systems CEO and president. "We chose Certicom's encryption engine because of its quality performance and security."

"Certicom's ECC technology continues to be the only viable solution for secure mobile device access to traditional enterprise applications," said Rick Dalmazzi, president of Certicom. "The XTNDConnect solution now contains the security required by corporate system administrators tasked with integrating mobile devices into enterprise networks."

About XTNDConnect Server XTNDConnect Server 2.3 provides synchronization of e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks between multiple handheld devices, including Palm Computing and Windows CE, and Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino servers. The product features full synchronization capabilities with custom ODBC-compliant databases such as Sybase, Oracle, DB2 and Extended Systems' own Advantage Database Server. In addition to adding Certicom's industry standard encryption technology, XTNDConnect Server 2.3 supports Lotus Notes/Domino R5. The next product version, XTNDConnect Server 2.4, will support Symbian's EPOC platform. XTNDConnect 2.3 is expected to become available December 17, 1999. Pricing is $100 per user, based on a 1000-user volume. A free trial version will be available, starting December 17, 1999, at www.extendedsystems.com/products/serversync/.

About Elliptic Curve Cryptography Developed for a broad range of computing platforms and maximum interoperability, Certicom's ECC technology enables strong, high performance security for every piece of the computing infrastructure, including the new generation of small form-factor products such as handheld computers, pagers, cell phones and smart cards. These products are the new Internet appliances for electronic commerce, demanding strong, highly efficient security. Certicom's ECC implementation is optimized to provide more efficient, high-strength security at smaller key sizes than traditional cryptographic systems. ECC minimizes power and bandwidth requirements, and addresses today's demand for compact, full strength security for all electronic communications and commerce applications.

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